Why Miss Taiwanese American? The main purpose of the Miss Taiwanese American Pageant is to promote community service. The pageant allows the crowned court and ambassadors the opportunity to get involved in the community and build service projects that they are passionate about. Our selected finalists go through 7 weekends of training, including interview and public speaking techniques, dance lessons, catwalk and social grace classes, Taiwan history and current event workshops, and more! We believe in training strong leaders of the community that have a sense of pride for their Taiwanese heritage as well as a genuine heart for service. Through the Miss Taiwanese American Pageant training, you will be provided with valuable life skills that can't be gained in any other program! 


Team Taiwan Races for the Cure!

The 2015 Miss Taiwanese American Court and Ambassadors team up with NATWA to participate in the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Event and bring breast cancer awareness to the community.

Honoring Our Taiwanese American Veterans

2015 Miss Taiwanese Queen Eva Hsia, Princess Li-Ting Chu, and Ambassador Gloria Hou attended an awards ceremony to honor our Taiwanese American Veterans for their service to our country.

Asian Pacific Family Center

Hosted by the Adult Mental Health Service team at the Asian Pacific Family Center, the 2015 Miss Taiwanese American Court and Ambassadors helped recognize the outstanding clients who have put tremendous effort in their own recovery process.


I not only became more involved in the Taiwanese American community that I grew up with and cherished, but I also was able to reach out to other communities to educate them on Taiwanese and TA issues. Although I thought that my public speaking skills were already honed as an attorney, the pageant made me more comfortable speaking to perfect strangers and further sharpened my skills as an advocate...
— Julia Tsai, Miss Taiwanese American Princess 2012

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