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Miss Taiwanese American

MimiQ Soong

MimiQ Soong is a Regents Scholar at UCLA, double majoring in World Arts and Culture and Political Science. Aside from her passion for academics, MimiQ has been active in visual and performing arts for fifteen years. In the visual realm, she has received several awards in the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and was published in the Celebrating Arts national anthology. In performing arts, she has been invited to compete as a finalist in the renowned international ballet competition, Youth American Grand Prix, and has received scholarships to major dance schools around the nation. MimiQ aspires to integrate her achievements, university major,  and title of Miss Taiwanese American, with the goal of enriching her knowledge and spreading awareness about Taiwanese culture.


Being a former student of Stanford Online High School and having to relocate all over the East Coast due to her family’s work, MimiQ was exposed to individuals of varying backgrounds, and recognized the importance of cultural awareness from a very young age. Not to mention, she has dedicated herself to studying foreign languages and cultures. However, while on the East Coast, she lacked access to information about Taiwanese-American communities and events, which made it difficult for her to connect with her heritage. To become more immersed in her culture, she has worked hard to find those resources and is currently a committed member of the Taiwanese-American community. Knowing more about her Taiwanese heritage allowed her to become more confident in her identity. Now, MimiQ wants her fellow Taiwanese Americans to experience the same positive impact by making resources more accessible.


What once started as a simple suggestion from MimiQ’s grandmother to participate in the Miss Taiwanese American pageant, has since evolved into her passionate commitment of representing and promoting Taiwanese American. MimiQ is forever grateful to the Taiwan Center for providing this pageant, an opportunity to grow in confidence, poise, and leadership. She is determined to use her prestigious title to strengthen the community and invite more Taiwanese Americans to be active in it. She hopes that by promoting Taiwanese representation globally, not only will the international community appreciate Taiwan’s culture more, but also inspire Taiwanese Americans to take pride in their heritage. 

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