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Rules & Eligibility

Pageant Overview 

Qualifications to be a Delegate

In order to be qualified to apply, you must be

  • At least one-fourth Taiwanese

  • Female at birth

  • At least the age of 18

  • Single and never married nor given birth

  • US Citizen or Permanent Resident

Delegate Requirements


Finalists are required to attend all 7-8 weeks of training workshops and pre-pageant events prior to pageant day. 



Delegates must have access to an adequate Wi-Fi network and the technology skills to use communication platforms and social media. In addition, delegates must have skills or resources to create short one-minute videos.



There is a non-refundable application fee of $50. Upon acceptance as a finalist, delegates submit a USD $500 training fee. You are also responsible for your clothing, shoes, and accessories required for the pageant. 



When considering an applicant, we look at one’s character, intellect, and personality. Our application is designed to provide freedom and flexibility to demonstrate your interests and accomplishments. We seek delegates who will apply their personal attributes of leadership, confidence, adaptability, and innovative thinking towards community involvement and volunteer opportunities in the Taiwanese American community.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to have pageant experience?
    No pageant experience is required! In fact, most contestants come in with no experience at all! Your training fees cover all the basics of pageant training.
  • How much will this cost?
    The pageant application fee is $50, and the pageant training costs $500 (this covers an extensive 8 week program). Dresses, make-up, shoes, etc are not included in the pageant training cost, and will be covered by you, the contestant. Being a pageant contestant on a budget is doable though! We can help guide you to affordable options.
  • Do I need to live in Los Angeles?
    Pageant contestants should be living in the Greater Los Angeles area (LA County, Orange County) in order to be able to serve effectively as an Ambassador for the Taiwan Center. Once the pageant is over, your community involvement as a Miss Taiwanese American begins! You will be expected to attend many cultural events, and represent the community, so living in the region will help.
  • Do I need to know how to speak Mandarin and/or Taiwanese?
    It's not required to know how to speak Mandarin and/or Taiwanese - as long as you're of Taiwanese descent, you are welcome to join! You will find yourself serving the community of all cultures, including interacting with people whose primary language is Mandarin or Taiwanese, as well as people whose primary language is English.
  • What happens after the pageant is over?
    Once the pageant is over, your community involvement as a Miss Taiwanese American begins! You will be expected to attend many cultural events, and represent the community!
  • When and where is the training?
    Training will occur every Saturday and Sunday at the Taiwan Center in Rosemead, between June 15through Aug 4, with the exception of the weekend following the 4th of July holiday. Most training sessions will be 1pm-6pm. The pageant dress rehearsal will be held the day before the pageant, Friday 8/9/2024.
  • Can I miss training sessions?
    We understand that many people will have busy summer schedules, with camps, events, jobs, holidays, and vacations, and that some may have conflicts with the training schedule. To be fair to everyone in the pageant program, the training session attendance directly impacts part of the overall score. The "Participation" section of the score includes attendance, submission of materials, and preparedness, and is overall 15% of the overall score. Each time a contestant shows up to training on time, she will receive 3 points. If she is late for less than half of the class, she will receive 2 points. If she is late for more than half of the class, she will receive 1 point. No shows will receive 0 points for the day. Excused absences (i.e received okay by committee at orientation) will receive 1 point for each excused training date. Missed mandatory training dates (dates below), even if excused, is an automatic 0. We will explain this in detail at the orientation. There are also a few mandatory days which cannot be missed at all. They are as follows: Orientation (date 6/15/2024) Photoshoot (date 7/14/2024) Personal Interview (7/28/2024) Dress Rehearsal (Fri. 8/9/2024)
  • What is the scoring system for the pageant?
    The scoring system has been revised since the 2017 pageant. It is as follows: Participation (15%) Intro Dance (5%) Self-Intro Catwalk & Speech (20%), Talent (20%), Q & A (20%), Personal Interview (20%). The audience will also get a chance to cast a vote, however, their vote only goes towards electing Miss Popularity, and will not impact the election of the Queen or Princesses.
  • How do I purchase tickets for the pageant?
    Tickets can be purchased directly from the Taiwan Center office, or by calling (626) 307-4881.
  • When and where is the pageant?
    The 2024pageant will be held Saturday, August 10th, at the Hilton San Gabriel.
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